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Electrified Cloud Feature (ECF) Database - v1.0

A Radar Precipitation Feature (RPF) database of clouds that the Peterson et al. (2015) algorithm considers to be electrified.

Illuminated Cloud Feature (ICF) Database - v1.0

A database of LIS flashes with coincident cloud information included.

Propagating LIS Flash Database - v1.0

A database of LIS flashes that includes information about their elongation and propagation characteristics.

Collocated AMPR/LIP Observations - v1.0

A dataset that includes collocated Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer (AMPR) and Lightning Instrument Package (LIP) observations taken by the NASA ER-2 aircraft over the course of eight field projects.

AMPR Microwave Feature and ECF Database - v1.0

Feature-level database of cold AMPR clouds (< 250 K) at 85 GHz that also includes estimated electric fields from the Peterson et al. (2015) algorithm.