The Module for Interactiving With Numerical Data (MIND) Engine

The Module for Interactive with Numerical Data (MIND) visualization engine brings advanced data analysis to the cloud. It goes beyond the capabilities of traditional Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications such as Web Mapping Services (WMS) that only serve static images of visualized geospatial data and allows users to interact directly with data files and perform numerical operations and advanced analyses within the web browser with no software to install and no data to download on the client end. It works with standard LAMP stacks and stable open source scientific software packages, so no software licenses are necessary on the server end. The MINDEngine is also lightweight and efficient, operating as a traditional WMS to serve visualizations that have already been created.

The MINDEngine can serve local data as well as data that resides on remote servers and is accessible through OPeNDAP. It is completely customizable and configurable, allowing users to modify standard visualization plugins or create their own from scratch. Whether you are simply interested in serving a single data file to other scientists or an entire data center worth of data, the MINDEngine can help you reach a wider audience.

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The Neuron Data Management System

The Neuron Data Management System (DMS) works with the MINDEngine to announce available data sources and keep them up to date. Run at regular intervals, Neuron is designed to crawl through data directories and record the temporal domains of available data, including data sets that have intermittent availability of specific variables and determine whether an OPeNDAP data source is available Neuron updates its configuration files and dynamically produce the required include files that determine how a MINDEngine-hosted website is run. It can also be used to rebuild a data repository from scratch or download and update local repositories when new data become available.